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Edible Art Show

We are proud to announce the beginning of the annual Pez edible art show! What is that you ask? Works of art that are made entirely out of food!


Be creative! We won't have separate categories in 2025, but here are some ideas for you: 


  1. Pez Candy Creations

    1. Pieces must be made mostly (at least 70%) out of Pez candy

  2. Pez Inspired

    1. Pez candy does NOT need to be a part of this, it just has to be inspired by anything in the Pez world! For instance can be a cake, cookies, etc. in the shape of your favorite Pez character, packaging, etc.


Art pieces must be made of materials that are entirely edible. Now whether or not someone wants to actually eat it after having been handled is another story, lol!

Please indicate you’d like to participate in this on your registration form. If you’ve already registered and decided you wanted to participate after - no problem! Just email and let us know! Must be registered to be eligible to win.


Can’t make it but still want to participate? Send in some images/video of your creation to 

Pieces must be handed in at the event on May 17, 2025 or digitally by 9 a.m. on May 15, 2025.

Pez andy In Wrappers
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